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Aurora at the Arctic Circle 2013
Alaska - March 16-17 2013

Mt Shasta Northern Lights 2012
Aurora in Northern California - July 15 2012

Aurora Borealis Photo Exhibition
San Francisco, California - 2001

Aurora Galleries 2000-2004
The Northern Lights during Solar Cycle 23

California Northern Lights
Red Aurora in California - October 29 2003

Aurora Photo Galleries: The Alaskan Northern Lights - March 16-17, 2013

Aurora Borealis Arctic Alaska Photos AURORA BOREALIS AT THE ARCTIC CIRCLE SET 1

One of the most significant auroral displays of the season occurred on March 16-17. It was an all-night event at the Arctic Circle in Alaska with 10 hours of footage captured on two cameras. A total of 7,628 images (226 GB) captured between 09:30 PM on March 16 and 7:30 AM on March 17 (05:30-15:30 UTC).
Images of Arctic Circle Gallery SET 1 are captured between 10:14 PM on March 16 and 00:30 AM on March 17.
Aurora Borealis Alaska Arctic Circle AURORA BOREALIS AT THE ARCTIC CIRCLE SET 2

All images of Arctic Circle Gallery SET 2 are captured between 00:30-02:10 AM on March 17 - likely covering the brightest and most colorful displays of the night with some of the strongest red and blue colors of this season. A coronal mass ejection (CME) impacted at the Earth near 06:00 UTC on March 17 triggering a 12 hour-long geomagnetic storm - observed and captured as the colorful Northern Lights in Alaska seen in this gallery.
Aurora Borealis March Arctic Alaska AURORA BOREALIS AT THE ARCTIC CIRCLE SET 3

Arctic Circle Gallery SET 3 is covering the images captured between 02:10 - 05:20 AM on March 17. This gallery features a detailed auroral curtain scene combined with the setting Moon, Jupiter and the Pleiades at 03:15 AM, very bright and surprisingly colorful auroral curtains at 03:30 AM, followed by a period of pulsing aurorae and continued bright and colorful aurorae until 05:20 AM.

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