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Aurora at the Arctic Circle 2013
Alaska - March 16-17 2013

Mt Shasta Northern Lights 2012
Aurora in Northern California - July 15 2012

Aurora Borealis Photo Exhibition
San Francisco, California - 2001

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The Northern Lights during Solar Cycle 23

California Northern Lights
Red Aurora in California - October 29 2003

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Aurora Photo Galleries: The Alaskan Northern Lights

Northern Lights Wiseman Alaska 2015 NORTHERN LIGHTS IN WISEMAN, ALASKA on March 22-23, 2015

A slide show with the most recent images of Northern Lights over the Brooks Range captured from Wiseman, Alaska (at latitude 67.4) on March 23, 2015.

Archival Prints, float-mounted Metal Prints and Giclée Canvas are now available as large as 40"x 60" (101 x 152 cm).

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Alaskan Northern Lights March 2015 THE ALASKAN NORTHERN LIGHTS - MARCH 2015

The first gallery preview of the March 2015 collection is featuring images captured at the following locations:

Haystack Mountain - March 15-16
Atigun Pass - Brooks Range - March 21-22
Wiseman - Brooks Range - March 23
The White Mountains - March 24
Fairbanks to Seattle Flight - March 27
Aurora Borealis Alaska Arctic Circle AURORA BOREALIS AT THE ARCTIC CIRCLE on March 16-17, 2013

A significant long duration M1.1 solar flare occurred on March 15 (06:58 UTC) associated with a large full halo coronal mass ejection (CME). The arrival of the CME near 06:00 UTC on March 17 triggered a 12 hour-long geomagnetic storm and colorful Northern Lights in Alaska
Aurora Borealis Yukon Alaska Photos AURORA BOREALIS AT THE YUKON on March 1, 2011

Sky watchers at high latitudes witnessed some of the most active Northern Lights in many years with long periods of auroral activity at minor to major geomagnetic storm levels. A high speed solar wind stream was the source for this remarkable disturbance producing colorful Auroras at the Yukon in Circle, Alaska.

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Various mounting solutions include float-mounted Metal Prints, Giclée Canvas and ready-to-hang Thin Wraps.

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