Northern Lights California Aurora 2003
12:25 AM / 08:25 UTC

Northern Lights California Big Dipper
12:27 AM / 08:27 UTC           Mouse over this image for star map!

California Aurora San Luis Reservoir
12:29 AM / 08:29 UTC

California Aurora Borealis Gilroy Reservoir
12:33 AM / 08:33 UTC

California Northern Lights Aurora Lights
12:35 AM / 08:35 UTC

California Northern Lights Aurora Borealis
12:37 AM / 08:37 UTC

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California Aurora Borealis Northern Lights
12:30 AM / 08:30 UTC

The Northern Lights in California
October 29, 2003

Clear skies in central California - quite early on a Wednesday morning: This beautiful red auroral display appeared over the northern horizon at 00:25 AM and lasted for about 25 minutes. The Big Dipper (Ursa Major) was completely covered at times by the easternmost part of the fast moving display. Very bright vertical rays appeared to be moving horizontally during the first 15 minutes, accentuating different areas of intensifying activity within the red curtains.

California Northern Lights Aurora 2003

12:31 AM / 08:31 UTC

Location: San Luis Reservoir, 30 miles northeast of Gilroy, California
Camera: Nikon EM   Lens: 50 mm

Northern Lights California Aurora Borealis
12:39 AM / 08:39 UTC

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  CALIFORNIA AURORA  October 29, 2003